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This tour is designed to show you the complicated heritage of World War II and its lasting impact on the province.

You will learn about the inhumane system of forced labor and human suffering in the former Concentration Camp of Gross Rosen, you will visit a mysterious complex of underground tunnels whose purpose still eludes historians to this day.

The tour starts in the state museum and a former German Nazi concentration camp of Gross Rosen.

Originally a sub-camp of Sachsenhausen, from 1941 it became the largest fully autonomous camp in the Silesian province and was known for its deadly work conditions in the granite quarry. Find out about the German state's machine of brutal forced labor and human annihilation.

Experience the sobering feeling of visiting the former SS Cantine building, field crematoria, and memorial site while taking some time to reflect upon approximately 40,000 victims of Nazi terror.

Sad and at the same time mysterious legacy of World War II is the Complex in the Owl Mountains. The program known under the code name Riese, which means giant in German, was a huge construction endeavour conducted from Autumn 1943 by the famous paramilitary organization Todt.

The inmates, mainly from the Gross Rosen camp, worked in deadly conditions excavating the system of tunnels and shafts. Visit a part of the program in Walim, enter into the tunnels, find out about potential hypotheses of its purpose, see the guard rooms and spacious hall excavated

Things to Note

  • In the tunnels there is a stable temperature of approx. 5-7 degrees Celsius and humidity of 98% through the whole year inside the tunnels, so please do not forget to take closed shoes and warm cloth

Payment Policy

  • Rest of payment on arrival.
  • Cancellation / no show policy: If cancelled or modified up to 2 days before the date of tour no fee will be charged.
  • If cancelled or modified later or in case of no show 100 % of reservation will be charged.

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